Oh, you’re gonna be wounded

Oh, you’re gonna be my wound

Fighting Chance Productions’ Spring Awakening in Vancouver, BC.

on the plane!! we’re takin off soon ahhhhh


Check out this insane set of woodland caribou antlers from c.1850. Email me for inquiries. (at theweirdandwonderful.com )


(Lemme tell you bout) Homestuck- totalspiffage [Parody of Royals by Lorde] - DOWNLOAD

Lyrics by the incredible toastyhat

I saw the lyrics and thought I MUST DO THE THING so here have thing.

We do clubs and diamonds, pitch and flush
Ask me if “troll” is how I swing… Absolutely. 
Wherever upd8s are discussed,
They’re like “see you round, that fandom’s loopy.” 

But everyone is like, god tiers, time loops, Hussie’s gonna kill you
Bloodcaste, mad clowns, pesterlogs to read through
Gotta share,
All of the feels coming from this scene
But everyone is like, Vriska, Karkat, creepy purple codpiece 
Moirails, quadrants, Striders and their man-grief
It’s not fair,
We need diagrams to draw their hair

Lemme tell you ‘bout Homestuck (Homestuck)
Technicolor troll blood
Please talk about our ships with us
We have four different types of love
And it couldn’t be cooler (Cooler)
Try it up to Act 3
I swear that it’s cool
Perfect sci-fi fantasy 

My friends and I are stuck at home
We blame one man for all our pain: Andrew Hussie
And people ask, “Is it a show?”
“An anime?” “Is there a Homestuck movie?” 

But everyone is like, LOLAR, LOWAS, Land of Heat and Clockwork,
Shipwars, fanworks, fighting over JakeDirk
Hey, we swear
We’re really not as weird as we may seem
Still everyone is like, land names, patrons, quizzes for your classpects,
Ecto-incest, neverending troll sex 
It’s not fair,
There are tentabulges everywhere

Ooh ooh oh
We visit bubbles in our dreams
We’re living through these crazy teens
Ooh ooh oh
The story’s more than I can bear
But what’s up with their freaky hair?  



The ties that bind. 



My Little Pony by brokenlynx




hello what’s up you may remember i did a bone giveaway last january and hERE’S BONE GIVEAWAY PART 2

  • reblog to enter 
  • only two winners this time because i have even less money now and shipping cost like 40 bucks for 5 boxes last time holy fuck
  • they will win a small box of assorted bones, at least a few larger, intact pieces per box, as well as a shit ton of tiny little shits u see them in the front there
  • i have like a million bacula idk 
  • no i didn’t kill anything they came from various places.
  • follow me if you want i guess? i don’t
  • care
  • i can only ship within north america because frAGILE 
  • go for it lil buddy
  • oh man i almost forgot i’m doing a tooth giveaway too
  • don’t try to bribe me with your friendship i still feel very betrayed
  • oh yeah i’ll pick winners on november 1st






Hey so I realised I have an extra strap I forgot about. I love Ikusaba but my bag is already covered in these things to the point that the zipper opens while I walk from the weight of them…so I guess I should give it up. But I don’t feel like trying to sell it off and I spent this whole time thinking I had, so just take it

  • this isn’t for any special reason, so you don’t have to be following me or anything
  • one reblog’s all that counts, and this should go without saying but please don’t use sideblogs to get more chances, keep it fair u_u
  • Ends July 18th 12am EST, have your ask box open, I’ll be using random.org to pick
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